2015 Dodge Durango in Lake Jackson offers class-best power

Dodge Durango Texas

The 2015 Dodge Durango in TX tops its class in important things like gas mileage and engine power.

You have heavy things you need to tow…like boats, campers and trailers. So naturally you need a powerful vehicle capable of hauling these things. Dodge has the solution in the form of a Dodge Durango in Lake Jackson.

Available from your Texas Dodge dealers like Don Davis Dodge in robust and muscular exterior styling, the 2015 Dodge Durango is a game-changer underneath, blowing your mind with the best-in-class available V8 HEMI engine with 360 horsepower. The standard V6 Pentastar engine is no slouch, either, and cranks up the horsepower to an impressive 295 hp.

In an ironic twist, the 2015 Dodge Durango boasts enough horsepower to haul a trailer full of horses without breaking a sweat. This is thanks in part to its class-best towing capacity of 6,200 pounds with the V6 engine and 7,400 pounds with the available V8 engine.

Despite all of this power, a 2015 Dodge Durango in Lake Jackson offers top-of-the-class fuel efficiency with its 25 miles per gallon from the V6 engine and 23 mpg on the highway from the V8 engine. What this means is a Durango will save you some money and allow you to pass up gas stations with greater frequency.

So now that you know how well the 2015 Durango from Texas Dodge dealers dances the line between power, efficiency and style, go ahead and schedule a test drive online today at Don Davis Dodge and come see for yourself how the Durango can be so much better than a few horses.

2015 Dodge Dart in Lake Jackson packed with award-winning tech

Dodge Dart TX

Teeming with technology, the 2015 Dodge Dart in Texas is like having a computer on wheels.

We live in the age of technology, and the 2015 Dodge Dart in Lake Jackson boasts an impressive haul of high tech gadgetry that has earned it several awards.

Not only does this mean that a 2015 Dart from Don Davis Dodge near Houston is a high quality car for your work commute, it also means that this compact car offers big features that will free up your hands and eyes so you can keep them on the wheel and focused on the road.

The proof is in the trophy case. Recently, this little firecracker was named the Connected Car of the Year by Connected World Magazine. Connected World Magazine credits the state-of-the-art available Uconnect® system, which the magazine said delivers information and entertainment “in a manner that promotes a distraction-free environment.”

The Uconnect system dominates the Dart’s interior with an 8.4-in. touchscreen (biggest in its class) that features a voice command system with Bluetooth technology and allows you to make phone calls and control audio while keeping your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

Combined with digital gauges that provide precise measurements and information, the 2015 Dodge Dart from your Dodge near Houston dealer is like a computer on wheels. It already automatically tracks things like tire pressure and headlights and displays gps navigation right there in the instrument cluster, so might as well be considered an extension of your laptop.

The new Dodge Dart in Lake Jackson even displays the fuel efficiency data through an instrument cluster that you can customize to your liking, so it can be as artsy or informative as you want it to be. Keeping you connected in the modern world, new Dart from Don Davis Dodge also includes a remote USB port, an SD memory card slot and an audio jack, so test drive one today and step into the future of compact cars — fun and informative.