Leave Your Car at Jeep Service Houston and Explore the Town

View of Houston from Glenwood Cemetery, Jeep Service HoustonTexas Jeep Dealers want you to have an exciting weekend exploring Houston, while your vehicle is being serviced at the Jeep Service Houston center. Your Jeep Service Houston center realizes that your time is valuable and encourages you to use their online appointment scheduler to schedule your appointment when its most convenient for you. Their certified technicians will work hard to make sure your vehicle is completed within the given appointment window.

If you are in the mood to have a spooky weekend adventure they recommend that you take a stroll around Washington Corridor’s Glenwood Cemetery. Glenwood is serving as the final resting place for several of Houston’s most icon residents. Glenwood Cemetery opened in 1871 so the cemetery boasts a lot of history, including the grave sites of people who died back during the great depression and both World Wars. Residents include over 20 mayors, past governors, oil tycoons and even Howard Hughes, the famous aviator, engineer and movie director. Several of the headstones offer very ornate stone carvings and tell a unique story of the city’s history. The iconic site was designed by European landscape artist Alfred Whitaker, around the waving hills created by Buffalo Bayou. In some cultures it is considered customary to place a rock on the tombstone of a grave you are visiting instead of buying flowers. The tradition of putting rocks on a gravestone originated as a way to participate in the building of the headstone. If you are interested in partaking in this tradition you can pick out your favorite headstone or favorite politician’s grave marker and place a rock gently on the headstone.

After a trip to the cemetery Texas Jeep Dealerships recommend that you continue your eerieĀ  journey by visiting Bat Country. Texas Jeep Dealers notes that Bat Country is Texas’ second-largest urban bat colony. The Colony makes its nightly exodus from beneath Montrose’s Waugh Drive Bridge between Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive. Over a quarter-million Mexican free-tailed bats call the bridge home and emerge nightly, around sunset, over Buffalo Bayou. The best spot to do some bat watching is to grab a platform from just southeast of the bridge or on the northeast bank of the bayou.

Since the bat exodus takes place at dusk its recommended that you pick up your vehicle, when its service appointment is completed, from your local Jeep Service Houston center in between visiting Gleenwood Cemetery and Montrose’s Waugh Drive Bridge.

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